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1992 SSEI for sale

Hey all,
As much as I love it, I have to part with my 1992 bonneville ssei. It's got about 165000 miles on the body/suspension/tranny. The engine has 55,000 since it was rebuilt. The nose on the charger was rebuilt about 8000 miles ago. The air conditioning system was converted to the new-type refrigerant when the engine was rebuilt. Tires were put on new last summer. Brakes are good, though the front rotors are a bit warped(been that way for two years, never got around to replacing them). It's got power moonroof, leather, cassette(with built in amp), pw, pl, climate control, both front seats are power, built in air pump in trunk, heads up display, new ball joint on drivers side, new crankshaft pully, new built tensioner, new thermostat(180 degrees), new plugs, wires, air filter, etc.

The kicker though, is that it currently don't run. I haven't had time to investigate too much, but I suspect it's something with the fuel. Engine turns over fine, almost starts, but just won't. The plan is to fix it, and then sell it, but If someone's interested in it like it is, i'll let it go cheaper.

I'd like to get around $2000 to $2500 for it as is. I'm a little flexible on that also. Once it's fixed, i'll be asking a bit more. I'm located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, so if anyone's in the area, and want's to look at it, contact me.

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