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Re: 1968 Cadillac Deville - First Classic Car

Originally Posted by maxwedge View Post
Welcome to AF, a car that old requires a lot of attention, even it was properly mechanically restored. You need someone familiar with that generation car to thoroughly evaluate it before a purchase is made. I owned one when I worked for GM, it was a great car, used lots of premium fuel of course. Poor prior repairs, rust issues, general body condition all can be a red flag. Do your due diligence before diving into this.
Do you have any recommendations for when a vehicle is in another state? I have a guy who could look at it for me if the vehicle was in town and I could certainly send him pictures, but you would probably want an expert present before you buy. I didn't know if you have been in a similar situation or if you could possibly pay someone from a local auto shop to take a look at it or something like that.
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