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Re: Chevy big block in a Trans Am?

I worked for gm in 1979 building, and testing the trans am and the 403 Olds engine was a small block, but the 400 was a Pontiac big block. The 403 was 185hp and 320trq. The 400 available in 79 as a TA/6.6 only with the 4sp. Was 220hp and 335trq. It did come with 3.23 gears. The stock 6.6litre cars 77 through 79 came with 2.65 gears. Unless they, (stock 6.6litre cars), were ws6 equipped cars which came with 3.08 gears. WS6 package was 4 wheel disc brakes, polyurethane bushings, larger anti roll bars, faster steering gear, and 8 inch wide honey comb wheels instead of 7 inchers, and 3.08 gears.
In 78 you could get the TA/6.6 with either transmission and was 220hp. The standard 6.6litre was 180hp. 300trq.
In 77 the TA/6.6 was 200hp, the 6.6litre was 180hp.
The highest top speed cars were the 1978 TA/6.6 litre automatic cars according to motor trend flat out they ran 133.4 mph. Our testing at the plant didn't get that high of a top speed. We only saw 130mph. From TA/6.6 cars with the auto, 126 from the TA/6.6 4spd cars (at redline), 120mph from the 6.6litre cars with the 403 engine, 118 from the 400 6.6liter cars. WS6 403 equipped cars saw 123mph.
Also from my notes I see the fastest 1979 car was the TA/6.6 running the 1/4mi. In 14.64@99.6mph. 0-60 was around 6 seconds flat. Traction was noted as a problem for timed runs.
I hope this information helps you in some way.
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