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Re: Blowers & Superchargers with on/off switch

Originally Posted by knightjp View Post
I wonder if wiki would have any info on the model number of the superchargers, etc...Or maybe the super charger can be anyone... its the electro-magnetic clutch that's the important part...
Theres not much on wiki, but the MR2 forums here have some info.

I can't remember the S/C model, but it was fitted to the 4A-GZE engine.
The Engine and S/C combination was used into the 90s in the Trueno.

They used a little roots type blower, a very compact unit, but it only made 8-10lbs of boost.
Anything more than 12 would cause the Teflon coating on the blower vanes to melt and come apart.

They made between 145 and a 170hp depending on production year.
Anything more required replacing the blower with a turbo as it simply couldn't pump any more air to produce more hp.
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