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Re: Blowers & Superchargers with on/off switch

Originally Posted by Moppie View Post
It was only used for one generation of the MR2 and a single model of the Mark II, although it worked well, the system was a little complex, and variable valve systems and turbo charging ended up being cheaper and able to deliver as much, or more power.
It operated off a throttle position switch, so people did replace it with a manually activated one.
The super charger units were also easy to transplant into other cars, the clutch pulley could be replaced by a simple pully giving them constant drive.
I know a guy who had one on an early 90s Civic.
I wonder if wiki would have any info on the model number of the superchargers, etc...Or maybe the super charger can be anyone... its the electro-magnetic clutch that's the important part...
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