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Re: Blowers & Superchargers with on/off switch

Originally Posted by Moppie View Post
Toyota did think of it.

The MK1 MR2 and the Toyota MarK II from the same error both used a super charger with an electro-magnetic clutch on the drive pulley.

It was disengaged to low speed and the engine ran naturally aspirated.
Well I would like something like an exact switch.. It should be easy to make. Essentially if I recall, the supercharger is a turbine that suck in air, compresses it and feeds it into the engine and runs on a belt attached. So the faster the engine is pushed, the faster the turbine turns...
All we need to do is get a turbine to run electrically. As far as I can think, if there was a way to develop the same turbine technology used in the Chryler Turbine of the 60s (just the air flow part) then we've got a good system.
The air will be sucked in sent through the compressor sent through the heat exchanger and then into the engine. Sound more complicated but it would mean that the air going into the engine would hotter and produce a faster burn.
Its just a rough idea.
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