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Re: Mazda B2600 G6 overheating help please

Originally Posted by UncleBob
flushing/flow testing isn't all that reliable. Considering your list of work, I'd say replace the radiator

Removing the t-stat often has the opposite effect many assume. It will take longer to get hot, but will more likely overheat when it does get up to temp. Never remove a t-stat. You need to at the very least, put a restrictor plate in place of it. There is definitely such a thing as too much flow in a coolant system!

Thanks Uncle Bob I agree that this may be and option, I am going to change the water pump tomorrow, It is circulating but does not appear to be much. It only has a single core radiator in it. So it could probably do with a bigger one anyway. I am still ata real loss though. I stood and watched the service get done on the radiator the second time and it flowed throgh really well. The radiator isnt new but appears to be okay. If the water pump doesnt fix it a new radiator is going in. Its really starting to rack up the dollars now
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