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Re: Racers.... post your times

Originally Posted by chevytrucks92
I want to update my time and stuff. Had some changes this winter, lol.

-same car ('72 Vega, tube chassis, tubbed, glass doors/hatch/front end, etc.)
-383 small block chevy
-550 to 600 (est.)
-powerglide (2 spd. auto)
-60': 1.41, 330': 4.18, 1/8th: 6.55 @ 102.86 mph
-Good Year Eagle Dragway Special (31x14, D5 compound)
-2700 lbs
Alrighty then. 'Bout time you got serious about drag racing (sorry Chevy )

Glad to see you got the 383 done and the new setup dialed in.
What did you end up doing for induction? TR/2x4?

I too made some changes.... went w/a Rossler built TH400 rmvb on a brake w/a Yank P104(4200 stall speed on motor.... flashes at 4600 on the hose )converter. Lost some weight and uping the hit to 200. May finally get my 1.3x 60' Bisch better go 9's this year.
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