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First of all let me start by saying that I have read and learned from most of the people on this forum and I respect everyones opinion on what to do...whether I've tried them or not.

Like I said before... Great post K3
I don't really mean to put fire onto the flame but we all are 'Z literate' people here right, could you imagine how hard it would be to work on an engine (especially a TT swap) if there was only one step by step way of doing it without the variation of style and performance. If this was the case then every Z owner would hate the Z and forums wouldn't even exist. All questions would be answered by "hey stupid didn't you read the book?" Nissan made the cars very advanced and unique especially when they figured out how much smarter they were than us Americans-Technology wise.

So for every Z owner out there just know that you may or may not be doing the exact SAME steps for several reasons that have not been clarified so lets list them for the near sighted...

You may or may not...

1.) Understand exactly what someone else has done or will do (you only see pictures not really videos)
2.) have done a full thorough research on the Z itself and not just your Z
3.) Respect or agree with what others have done with their Z
4.) Know that the Zed forum isn't just a forum, its a reference not a talkshow...
5.) Know the real costs of what your doing, heres a rule - you pay for all hp gains from the engine to the wheels!!!
6.) Know that their Z will tear a hole in yours

This is just to try to keep the attitude down around here as I have noticed...
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