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Re: Re: Which Trans Am is the best

So far every one has listed their personal favorites. but what about the facts?

which one has the quickest quarter mile time?
Which one has the best handling/ braking ,etc..?
Which one sells for the most $$?

And do we include aftermarket "tuned" versions like the SLP Firehawk, Lingenfelter/ Hurst, GMMP or Mecham T/A?

The '69 T/A convertibles will likely sell for the most, the aftermarket ones are the quickest, and the last WS-6's off the assembly line are the best bang for the buck...

So many choices, so many Trans Ams, I love them all!

But I do own an '84 T/A, recently sold a modified '95 T/A, had a '68 bird and am on the hunt for a '73 T/A.
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