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Re: Girls in the sport compact scene

To help you out with some of the questions you have asked, I will give you my input and opinion. If you want to write an article about us females getting more involved then ever today in a hobby that men thought was and should only be made for men, then I think it should be called GIRLS VS. GUYS! The reason I picked this topic is because it covers more then us females competing with our male competitors at show and race events. Ever since I have been involved with cars, I have only meet guys who either knock down the girls, saying we donít know what we are doing or talking about, even though I think some females know more about cars than guys. And they also have the attitude that females shouldnít be allowed into this hobby. I have also meet guys who only dig us because they are only trying to holla. I will admit, there are good guys out there who donít do any of the things above, and do help us understand more about cars and help instead of judge, but they are hard to find. Pretty much what Iím trying to say is that we (us females) donít just compete with the males on the tracks or in shows but also with our interest with this hobby and day-to-day lives.

Now you asked what kind of cars we like and what we like to doÖ well I can only answer for myself. Just like the fellas, us females are just the same...some are into show and some are into go. Like myselfÖIím more into performance and racing my car than going to shows and making it pretty. I just canít seem to get that interested in looks because I feel like there is no excitement. (that is just me) I like to find ways to make my car faster and then taking it to the track to see how well I can do. I first started off doing the whole show look, but then got pulled more into the direction of racing and performance work. I have been racing my car every weekend during the racing season for about four years now. I wouldnít want it any way. I have some guys who totally respect me because of what I do, but I dump into more guys who hate on me because Iím better than they are and because Iím more serious about my interest.

I can go on and on and on about this whole thing, but since Iím work and its time for my lunch breakÖand a girl needs to eat, I should be going. Please if you need any information that can help your article out, shoot me an email at I have so much input and opinion that maybe can help you or not help you out. I myself was actually thinking about writing some up to submit it in to a mag., but I just never got around to doing it. Iíve been interview by news reporter when they did a story on street racers (which I am not) when all these kids in my county kept dieing. So good luck with your big article, please when you do finish it up, Iím very interested in reading all about it.
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