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Re: Which Trans Am is the best

Gunstar, actually (and unfortunately) there were no Kellogg forgings for 455SD. We sure wanted them! But the nodular iron cranks (in ALL 455s) have proven to NOT be the weak link in the chain. Very tough, considering they aren't a forging. Also, while the SD heads favor the RA heads on the exhaust side, the intake side was done with a "clean sheet of paper". The intake port, while occupying the same area in the head, is a bit different shaped, and out-flows any previous non-tunnel port Pontiac by about 20 CFM. This isn't to criticise, just illuminate... I LOVED the SDs, but reality infringes, and they simply aren't out there anymore. Collectors have most of them, and it's a dumb idea to carve up a pair for racing, when the Edelbrock and KRE heads work so well. Today, we're bumping 700 horsepower for a medium-level build using a "stock block" Pontiac. 600 is common with 93 octane. And with all the aftermarket goodies, the engines are living longer than ever before (just like other brands).

Soxs, A 454 a "boat anchor"? What planet did you recently arrive from? As much as I dislike Chevy, it would be foolish to make such a statement. This is like that debate over whether or not early '70s Dodge bodies are junk. Emotion comes into play. Only Dodge people argue the point. The rest of us already know... Same is true of big block Chevy. Aside from the sheer mass and weight, it could be considered the best all-around V8 power plant ever made by anyone. It's certainly as tough and powerful as the big Dodges, and perhaps a bit more versatile. It's as durable as ANY big Ford, and more powerful than most. In proper tune, it can make as much low-end as the Pontiac and Caddy BIG engines. Parts are on the shelf at every store. I could on and on. Again, I'm NOT a Chevy guy, but I AM a professional.
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