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Thanks for the info on the Z1. I am also gathering some interesting information on the CLK-GTR and the GWagen's really amazing what you can find out when you know where to look or who to ask!

As I have said before, I got raped on the factory pics, so no more free pics!!! But we can always work out a trade!

That's not all I was in today. This is going to sound horribly like boasting, so please understand that's not my intent.

I met a collector of movie stuff who owns some incredible machinery. Batmobiles. The DeLorean from Back to the Future. The James Bond stunt plane. Munster mobile. Movie props like rocket launchers, Darth Vader animatronics, etc. etc. He has about 7 warehouses full of incredibly interesting stuff.

Anyways, he bought the two submersibles that were the Ahab boats in the Vin Diesel movie XXX. I was in them today. They really work. I mean, they float, zoom forward under their own power, and steer like a proper boat. The guns, canopies, etc. are all motorized and move back and forth. They also shoot stuff using 300 psi of air pressure!

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