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Off-Topic Slightly... another interesting car

Hi, sorry to post here instead of the BMw forum, but I am hoping someone has some "inside" knowledge.

A friend recently told me about a unique car that BMw made that is completely recyclable...I think it's called the Z1. Looking on the show and display list, I see that it is one of the allowed cars, even though over 7,000 units were produced! What makes them so special--LL bean on the inside?

Have any been sold in the US? Anyone know anything about this quirky car? How are they to drive? Could they handle a winter in, say, New Hampshire? If you did recycle them, could you get 100 pages and a bowtie out of them? Lol!

Same friend also claimed a while back that he could get Porsche 959s in for a $10,000 fee because of some special relationships he used to enjoy. I told him to go play his violin elsewhere. In fact, I called him violin959 for a while. If anyone is experienced in these matters, what would the fee include? I wonder what JK, JL, or LL would charge...maybe a certain Porsche collector knows?

I am just asking for some basic info here, nothing's not as if I have filled out a Freedom of Information Act request or anything. I could call my friends and ask directly, but it seems the people behind this farce have either retired or transferred. The S&D program seems to be run much better these days, though.

Please be safe this July 4th weekend. If I post from the East Coast, will my timestamp change?


Incidentally, I was given a long ride in an F1 roadcar today. We used up a good amount of it's 2,500 mile allocation! It was a pretty hot day, and the airconditioner worked just fine! It's one hell of a fast car!

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