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Re: 2002 Honda CRV Electrical problems. Please Help.

You guys were right, it was the alternator. I had no idea they could go out slowly and not all at once. If anyone finds this and needs to replace theirs itís not as bad as it seems, just take out the bar that holds the door lock, a few bolts at the top and one under the car. Splash guard was easy to remove down there by popping out the buttons with a screwdriver. Then we took out the fan nearest to alternator, removed the liquid canisters and we were able to carefully remove the old alternator in the space between the manifold and radiator. Some people take out the intake manifold and Iím glad we didnít do that. It wasnít as hard as I thought it would be! Luckily we got all this done before the -55 degree weather and it had no problems starting up in the extreme cold.
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