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Re: '03 Accord vibration-UPDATE

This last weekend hubby and I replaced the engine air filter and spark plugs. Unfortunately, the vibration and noisy engine are still ever-present. I have a thought, and would like some feedback.
We bought the replacement engine mount from a reputable online source that rhymes with Bock Otto (lol) that we installed at home. When I put the car in the shop, and the mechanic said we may have had a defective mount, we bought a second one from the same place.
Is it possible that the mount is simply the wrong one? The ones we purchased looked like the original one we removed. Even if they look alike, could they still be incorrect? The other smaller mounts were replaced this last time, so I doubt that's the cause. But I am at my wit's end, and getting sick of driving it feeling like a vibrating chair at the mall.
Any suggestions, other than taking it to the back yard and setting the stupid thing on fire?
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