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Exclamation Re: Voltage for my cars system seems off..?

Originally Posted by Stealthee View Post
Get rid of the cap. It is actually a bigger draw on the system than it is a help. You need a high output alternator to solve your charging issues.
So I did the BIG THREE grounds and re did all the other grounds and without the amps even on and my CD player off AND the AC completely off (fan included) now shows 13 volts and 14.2 (instead of 12.9 and 14.1) which is a LITTLE better...but it still switches from 14 area to the 13 area unless Iím neutral or going faster than 45 mph... Iíve talked to hundreds of people with triple my system and they use a stock alternator with no issues so I would prefer not to do that... plus shouldnít my stock alternator run normally with no aftermarket products on? I feel like itís somehing more involved.. but could be a simple thing too and thatís what is bugging the shit out of me
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