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Re: New Honda Jazz

Hmm, a Clio... It depend's on which Clio you're talking about. If you're talking about Clio with the same displacement as Jazz or Yaris, you can only get the diesel version, you can't compare the power. Is quite low. Also the 1.2litres or 1.4litres aren't comparable. The closest one that match is the Clio with 1.6litres, the power is almost the same as VTEC Jazz and Yaris, but the fuel consumption is quite higher. I still prefer Japanese cars for fuel effeciency. But if you want power, check out the Clio Sport with 197 horsepower, 6 speed M/T. But don't compare the price, haha...
One more thing, all Clios' have maximum safety rating.

European and Japanese cars are hard to compare dude.
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