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did dodge viper hennessey really got bugatti

Hey everybody sorry if i make any english mistakes or if i offend any dodge lover but i have been looking at the race that bugatti and viper did on a 0-200mph run and i have to put that chart in this forum so i can get some opinions.
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bugatti viper
0-60 2.8 4.3
0-100 6.2 7.3
1/4mile 10.6 11.7
1/2mile 16.4 17.2
3/4mile 21.3 21.9
1.0mile 25.9 26.0
0-200,mph 24.2 20.3
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I see that bugatti lost only the o-200mph run. They spent $ to make a 8.5L v10 engine so i can turn 16lb of boost in to 1100hp which is 99 more than bugatti has and the only race they won was 0-200mph. I am a porsche lover so i dont have anything against dodge or anything with the bugatti but if a european car had to spent money to make a car faster they would make a car to win races like lemans or dtm of other shi**.If we take veyron and venom and put them in a track race viper is going to have a lot of problems with turbo lag( that shows that turbos are that large that even a 8.5L engine has problems puting tham to work) that is going to fall back from bugatti every turn of the track. So my opinion the race bugatti vs viper was just an experiment not a race betwen real race cars. Thats what i think i hope i did not offend anybodys opinion and i did not offend anybodys dream car.
Thanx for reading this.
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