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engine miss SS

Have any of the Redline owners had this issue?

long story short dealer put new injectors in and still has issue with a miss fire on Cylinder #3, P0303. Now the GM Techline is saying a valve must be hanging on #3 causing a the missfire. This only occurs at start up after it has sat for 8 to 12 hours in sub 30 deg weather, but at start up the temp has been anywhere from 15 to 35 deg. So any how I find it really hard to believe that a sticky valve is causing an issue only at start up. no issues any other time. I am just a little nervious for the dealer to put a new head on this. I am concerned I will now have more issues with the items they have to remove to get to it for instance intake leaks, Turbo issues...... Has anyone else had or heard of this? thanks
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