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Re: Re: Why no GVL?

[quote=Wild Hare Ranch]I'll argue my Dad's 60's Simca was as bad as a Yugo. [quote]
Probably worse, since you couldn't even get parts for them when they were sold here (at least when Yugo was around finding a dealer to fix it for you wasn't impossible).

My neighbor when I lived in Colorado Springs bought a Yugo to save on Gas. But he put so much oil in it it was cheaper for him to drive his Caddy. The oil poured out of that Yugo so much it actually, over time, ran into the street, thats an oil leak!! I remember it was that ugly tan color popular in the mid to late 80's.
He should've had it fixed. I know of lots of people who still use their Yugos daily, and have had no major problems with them (other than jokes). I blame Yugos quality control - the build quality of Yugos seems to vary wildly car to car, some are just built better than others, while others seem to have been assembled very poorly. The design itself isn't poor, or unreliable though.

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