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Re: Which Trans Am is the best


There are three aftermarket blocks available, that can yield up to a 4.4" bore size. A 4.375" bore, combined with a 4.25" storke, makes the popular "505". One can actually GET up to 619 by using the 4.4" bore and a 5" stroke (considered the largest CID available with bore spacing and stroke available).
We've chosen a 4.350" bore and a 4" stroke for our blown/alcohol Injun. That makes a tidy 475 CID. There's a "1 to 1 Club" on another site (, where any Injun that makes at least 1 HP per cube gets "in". We're after the "5 to 1 Club"... (:- (Richmond, Virginia) sells both an iron and an aluminum block for this. Kauffman Racing ( also has their version of the iron block. Each of the iron blocks have advantages and disadvantages over the other for a given application. They're priced about the same as Merlin or Merlin III.


No sweat, dude. Hate to see another perfectly good Pontiac fall victim to myth and superstition!

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