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1995 Saab Turbo Issues....Suggestions please

Hello all
well just this friday I was lucky to find a 1995 Saab Turbo 900 5 speed stick
in good condition.........

Its Issues are a slight miss while idling and a air realease sound when shifting gears at high rpm`s,like the turbo dump "shhhhhhhhh" sounds like an 18 wheelers brakes when it pressure gets too high

1/2 the shifter knob is missing- this i need help with its a mo mo
ashtray face is cracked/broken-no biggy I ordered a new one

the worst is the miss,which causes a lag while shifting from 2-3rd gear
and the "shhhhhhhh" between gears...I`m hoping the miss is a sensor or maybe a bad wire or plug,as I love my new ride and would like to repair the few cosmetic things wrong with it...

Can any of you possible put me in the right direction on what to check 1st as far as sensors and or what might be causing the miss ???

Thanks alot ! and happy halloween !
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