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"It seems the GTO will live on at least until '07 or '08 as GM has decided to cancel the Zeta platform on which it is to be based."

-GM High-Tech magazine Jul/Aug '05

"GM's plans for a rear-drive Buick Velite sedan, convertible, or anything else are officially dead. The murder also affects any rear-drive Chevy coupe, Camaro, Chevelle, or otherwise. While development of a new zeta platform was scaled back months ago, the decision to pull the plug on these new cars is much more recent. The only sub-Cadillac/Corvette rear-drive program going forth (besides Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky) is the next gen GTO, expected to last until 2008."

-Motor Trend magazine Aug. '05

"Right now we're letting Ford have the pony car market."

".....but the business decisions have to come at a time we can afford to do it as a company."

-Mark Reuss - GM performance division executive director.
-Hot Rod magazine Aug. '05
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