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Re: West Texas Nissan refuses to honor eBay auction

Hey Airjer,

Thanks for taking time to read my thread. I can assure you that I need no additional experience in getting screwed out of a deal, as I have been around long enough to know better. I had handled everything personally w/ the dealership and it wasn't until I uncovered additional information on their foul practices, that I decided to share it w/ everyone I possibly could.

I could have just posted the Better Business Bureau link and said "HEY EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM HERE!!" I just felt it would be better to also share my personal experience w/ the dealership. I've already accepted the fact that I will not get anything from the dealership by investing my time in doing all of this and that's fine. I will however reap the satisfaction of knowing that my efforts may have saved a poor soul or few from getting hosed by these people.

The internet is a great tool to reach the masses and that's exactly what I intend to do.

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