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West Texas Nissan refuses to honor eBay auction

I read about this happening to a few others and thought wow that sucks!! Then it happened to me...

Here's my story...

The eBay auction for item #160459432886 (2001 SS Camaro), posted by Joey Lee with West Texas Nissan, ran for a total of three days and was completed by my winning bid of $6301.00 on 7/25/10. I sent Joey an email shortly after the completion of the auction requesting payment instructions to finalize the sale. I checked my email the following morning on 7/26/10 and had not received a response from Joey. I attempted to contact Joey several more times by phone and email that same day. I received an email from Joey on 7/26/10 at 13:52 saying "Car was contracted Saturday by a retail customer at the store."

I called West Texas Nissan after receiving Joey's response and there were two different salesmen who advised me the 2001 SS Camaro had not been sold and was still available. I gave one salesman the VIN # 2G1FP22G312124932 along with stock # 10D048AB and had him double check. He advised me that the car did not have any pending contracts and was still for sale. The other salesman took additional pictures that were not available on the website of the Camaro at my request and emailed them to me. I also went to West Texas Nissan's website and the 2001 SS Camaro was listed for sale under used vehicles at $11,980.00.

I called West Texas Nissan on 7/26/10 at 20:13 and asked to speak with someone who was over the sales department due to an issue I was having with one of their sales managers. I was transferred to Steven Gonzales who advised me that he was the sales GM. I began talking with Steven to explain the reason for my call and it became apparent that he was already aware of the situation. Steven told me that the car had already been sold and was no longer at the dealership. I informed Steven about the sales department advising me that the Camaro had not been sold and was still available. I also mentioned that the Camaro was still showing for sale on West Texas Nissan's website. There was a pause afterward and then the truth came out. Steven said to me "Look. You and I both know what kind of car this is and there is no way you're getting it for that price" (referring to the price of my winning bid). To add insult to injury, Steven said, "There are a lot of those kind of cars around this area. So what I can do is give you some numbers for the dealerships around here and you can check with them to see if they have any."

It is unfortunate that Joey Lee and Steven Gonzales with West Texas Nissan have chosen not to honor eBay's terms of use that were agreed to before placing the 2001 SS Camaro into auction; however, sometimes greed can cause individuals to become shortsighted in that their only concern is earning a profit with the deal at hand no matter what the means may be. These types of decisions not only reflect poorly on the individual, but also reflects poorly on the company that these individuals represent as shown in the following Better Business Bureau link: West Texas Nissan, LP - Auto Dealers-New Cars - Better Business Bureau

I have since been in contact with eBay, eBay Motors, Nissan USA, Better Business Bureau, Odessa American, and multiple online automotive related organizations in order to inform the public of West Texas Nissan's practices and to hold the dealership accountable for their actions.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to listen. I'm tired of big companies having the mentality that they can just piss on the little guy and nothing will be said! Unfortunately most people never say or do anything about it because they feel like they're only one person and won't make a difference. I may only be one person, but I know there are many others out there who can relate and know that numbers speak volumes!! The contact information listed below for West Texas Nissan is public information that can be found on Google, Better Business Bureau and through the dealerships website. I'm sure the dealership would love to hear from all of us "little guys" about being pissed on.

West Texas Nissan
(800) 679-1720
4307 John Ben Shepperd Pkwy
Odessa, TX 79762

Website: Nissan in Texas : Midland Auto Dealerships : Andrews Cars : San Angelo : Carlsbad : Hobbs : Odessa :
Facebook: West Texas Nissan | Facebook
Twitter: West Texas Nissan (WestTXNissan) on Twitter

Owner: Brian Black -
Executive Mgr: Michael Fisher -
GM: Joey Lee -
Sales Mgr: Steven Gonzalez -

Thanks again everyone!
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