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Re: 91 corsica 3.1 fuel pump not pumping

I have the manual in front of me.
If you suspect a problem with the fuel pump, verify the pump actually runs. Have an assitant turn the key switch to on- you should hear a brief whirring. If it doesn't come on check the fuel pump fuse. If it is good check the fuel pump relay. To test the relay start the engine and let it idle then disconnect the the fuel pump relay. If the engine does not continue to run the oil pressure switch is faulty. If it continues to run reconnect the relay and and turn off the ignition. With a test light probe the fuel pump test terminal. If the light does not come on the fuel pump circuit is okay. If the light comes on the oil pressure switch is bad.
That's what the manual says. I don't know how you would start the car if the pump doesn't come on. I would do the fuel pump test lead first just to see if the pump kicks on and I would unplug and replug the connectors on the fuel tank (may be a bad connection). I would also check the wire to the oil pressure switch since the manual mentions it.
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