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2004 Suburban Heated Seat Trouble and other.


My 2004 Suburban Z71 with 5.3 flex fuel and 90K miles has several problems.

First is the heated leather seats. Sometimes the driver seat heater turns itself on, and gets warm, sometimes the driver will attempt to activate the heater, and the seat will turn itself off after a few seconds. Sometimes it will shut itself off after the passenger turns the passenger seat on. Is there a troubleshooting procedure for this?

Second is the drivers airbag light is on. Is there a way to check the problem? Regular OBD2 code scanner shows no issue, of course... but is there something I can check with a DMM?

Third, recently I had to pull out in traffic, with sudden fast acceleration. The vehicle shifted properly, but once I attained highway speed (about 80mph), the "check 4wd" warning came on, and when I'd slow down to a crawl, I could not get the 4wd (electronic buttons) to change mode. I also noticed that the 4wd/2wd lights on the buttons were not lit. A few days later I noticed the lights were again working, the shifting in and out of 4wd appeared to function, and the "check 4wd" warning was gone. What gives? Known problem, can these cars not take sudden acceleration or something?

Lastly, the service tire monitor warning now comes on. Is there a way to reset that, or a way to verify which tire monitor is no longer working? A way to service this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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