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newbie vtec help

ok so i feel dumb asking this, but what does the vtec feel/sound like on a B18C1? I've had the car now like a month and it's the first vtec i've rode in/drove.What I'm wondering is that it just keeps pulling all the way to red line. It pulls right past 5,500rpm without a change. I hear no change and i don't feel a power bump. But I'm thinking it must be working, because if it wasn't, the motor wouldn't be able to redline without it right? I came from a D15B7 powered civic so this thing feels like a dragster to me, but still I'm just starting to wonder now cuz i was out beating the crap out of the thing last night and I wasn't noticing this crazy change like i always read about online. also FYI My oil pan is fine and my oil level is fine. Got any ideas or can someone just explan what i should be hearing/feeling. I know and understand how a vtec works, i just don't know how it feels/sounds cuz i'm a newbie. anyhoo thanks guys!
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