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Re: ac compressor vs ac clutch?

Originally Posted by shorod View Post
I'd suggest taking the belt off and trying to manually spin the pulley by hand, with the engine off and key out of the ignition obviously. If the pulley is dragging then there is most likely an issue with the clutch assembly that is preventing it from fully disengaging. You might be able to get by with buying a belt for a 2005 Sedona without A/C if such an option existed. But sometimes the belt routing and idler pulley layout is different for non-A/C versions so you'd want to check your owner's manual for belt routing to see if that is the case for your car.

I looked for bypass pulleys but I don't think they make them for my van. I may just replace the compressor. How does one drain the refrigerent? And recharge? Ive not done that before.
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