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Re: What do women need to know about cars??

The men who say that women don't need to know should think about this. Imagine that your sister, daughter, or mother was driving and she saw steam coming from under the hood. She(a) pulls over on this deserted stretch of road and pops the hood only to see that a hose has come loose and she is losing coolant, being knowledgeable and somewhat prepared she quickly attaches the hose to its proper port and then adds some water from her "kit" to the reservoir and continues along keeping an eye on her temp gauge (b) pulls over and pops the hood, knowing nothing about cars uses her sweater to remove the radiator cap, severely burning herself and successfully depleting the car of the rest of the coolant (c) she uses her sexy leg technique to attract some creepy pervert and jumps into his rv with him.
which scenario is the best option for someone you care about? maybe they should be at least a little informed....
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