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Re: Need Some Advice on Jeeps

Originally Posted by DOCTORBILL View Post
I have some questions -

1. My '89 Jeep Comanche 4x4 Truck idles at 1,000 rpm. What is normal ?
Is the idle controlled by the computer or that screw on the throttle block ?
I have messed with the screw, but the idle stays at 1,000 rpm !
Straight six - wouldn't EVER have anything else !

2. Are all Jeep Floor Stick Shifts hard to get into second gear when cold ?
Had a '95 Cherokee with a floor 5 speed stick and it did the same thing......
When good and warm, shifts into 2nd nicely.

3. My '89 Jeep Comanche 4x4 Truck gets 16 mpg - used 4x4 a lot.
What is normal. My '95 Cherokee got 22 mpg - straight six.

4. Where the Heck is everybody - hardly any replies on this forum.....


4: Well pardon ME for not being on here 24/7. 10 hours isn't a bad response time, considering how many internet forums there are online nowadays, AND to get an answer when your initial post was at 2am!!

3: I basically get 22 on the highway (under 65) and 18 on the highway (over 65). 16 is normal for around town, or using 4wd a lot so this sounds normal. If you want to check, get it warmed up then out on the highway, steady speed, for 1/2 hour and see what you get.

2: Not all Jeeps, but many transmissions do this. It could be a number of factors including wear. However I've found that a little moisture will cause that symptom also; try a drain / refill of the transmission and see if it doesn't help.

1: Mine idles at about 1000-1100 when first started, and 850-900 when warmed.
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