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Question New member has Question?

How's all our motorheads doing?
I'm Newmex, a rookie to the forum, I've been tearing up and putting together vehicles for about 35yrs from bikes to Peterbilts and enjoying 95% of it, although the older you get the less fun it becomes unless you can afford to do it for a hobby. I'm currently a project manager for a land developer in the moutains{LOVE IT!!!!} Don't have to service the elk,deer and other wild life!
I have a question the for Duesy expert's?
I Was handed down from my God father a brochure from Duesenberg promoting a new car in 1966, the brochure is very distingushed it is embossed with gold duesy logo and contains photo's, specs and other info about the car { This is not a replic car or kit car} This is a real Duesy never produced. On the main presentation in ball point ink it reads
{ Best Regards to Herb and Rosie, Fred Duesenberg} My god parents.
I do know that the Fred in question is Jr.
Question no. 1: Is this doc. a collectors item?
Question no. 2: Why was this car never produced?
Question no. 3: Why is this car not known amoung Duesy community?
If you have any input or questions please contact me through Forum Email Happy Trails, Newmex
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