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Re: Could a 3 Cylinder Metro be made to run on Ethanol?

yes i agree we're in for bad times ...... and the whys and hows need to be on everyone's minds.
while i always approve of skepticism .... less so of cynicism ..... i'm not sure there's enough time left before we vindictively burn to address all the half truths and generalizations mentioned above.

sticking to population .... the simplified assertions reflect a lack of detailed concern not typical of bill's metro endeavors for instance. you'll find that there are actually declines in birth rates, contrary to claims, but the important thing is to recognize the specific conditions that affect trends and constituant groups. here's a brief, not definitive, paper on population demographics:

digressing ..... then you also might initially consider 'depletion allowences' for those poor besieged oil companies. what? they have them already? and so forth through the littany of accounting scams that produce the claimed 4% roi? profit? nonsense. i wonder who else thinks the oil companies are working in their [meaning the folks on this list] best interest and simply need to be freed from evil guvmint so that they can serve us better?
here's a good history of oil with a few laughs included:
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