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Re: Could a 3 Cylinder Metro be made to run on Ethanol?

The geometric increases in worldwide population and its following unavoidable wave of consumption will escalate rapidly. More people demanding an ever increasing piece of a fixed supply of non renewable resources, doesnít draw a pretty picture.

No matter what any weasel breath politician says the lives of many people today will change dramatically. For those of us in this country, with a government that allows a situation where we are virtually enslaved by a foreign nation states resources really stacks the odds against us. Right decisions by our rulers are important. In 1958 the Republic of Mexico outlawed cannibalism practiced along the east shore of the Sea of Cortez. They may have wiped out a lifestyle free of energy shocks; a cannibal riding a donkey cares nothing about rising food and energy prices. Today there is critical 40% shortage of diesel and gas in Northern Mexico.

I think life will get hard for all but a small group. The small group will not be the doers but mere students of one simple lesson, how to trick, rig and manipulate our economy, to squeeze more goods and services out of people without insulting the working population.

The current energy shock looks like it will create a demand for fuel efficient cars and after a time lag while manufactures retool from gas guzzlers to sippers. But now the Saudis are free to command another round of increases to $10 maybe $20 or more per gallon in the near future. Same old game different day.

We are enjoying the 1.0L technological advantage today only because we made the decision to conserve resources while our government and peers took off like mad men, credit cards in hand, hoping to buy their place in Disney world. We lowered our level of energy consumption relative to our peers and it lessened the impact of the oil shock on our lives. Well hunting season opened and Donald duck is running, so the guzzlers are in trouble again, at least in the short run. Electric and alternative fuel investigation today may be the key to maintaining a decent lifestyle tomorrow, because free men donít have to beg the master for oil.
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