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Re: Could a 3 Cylinder Metro be made to run on Ethanol? you may guess, i'm in the camp that says birth rates change / reduce generally as social
[not simply 'individual'] realizations of material security increase life expectancies.
the implication of this is that the most likely way to generally enjoy the rich earth is to be sure
that everyone, no matter what their ideological bent, is well fed, housed, informed and cared for.
this is how you all would treat your families and i always ask that we take that ethic and apply it universally.

- redpepe

Sounds good....except when we are in such "good times," we all go out and reproduce like mice.

That's why, right now, we have 6.7 Billions of us on this 3rd Rock from the Sun.

BILLIONS..... this is exactly what bacteria do in a bottle containing growth media.

What will it be like when there are 13,000,000,000 of us all living on the same space?

That is just 2x from now. One doubling time.

Instead of "Carbon Credits", we should have "Offspring Credits".....each couple can have one kid only.
If you don't want kids, sell the OC on the market for as much as the market will bear (pun intended)...

The Chinese have all our money - they'd pay a premium price for your OC...
You could live like a King - just no kids for you. Snip, snip...permanently.

Draconian? It will get worse - quickly. Something needs to be done and soon.
WAR tends to cull the herd - can't we do something less Draconian than war?


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