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Re: Could a 3 Cylinder Metro be made to run on Ethanol?

The answer is obvious....enslave hundreds of Guinea Pigs under the hood and
make them run a treadmill....

Feed them garbage and if any die, cook and serve them for dinner.

There will be no easy solution.

The world population count is now 6,706,992,932 human beings all wanting everything
they can get - and NOW ! .....damn it all!

China and India now want the goodies that we've had. Huge populations!

If Africa gets off it's butt and they stop killing each other, they will start using resources
also - then there is Latin America.

Then we have morons, running the government, who's foremost thoughts are for
their own profit and bennies - not for those whom they represent.

Then we have the complete idealistic types just out of college who think they
can make the world run "as it should run" and who screw up everything that they touch.

Nice forecast for the future. WAR.

DoctorBill the realist.

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