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Re: Could a 3 Cylinder Metro be made to run on Ethanol?

In Geo country we get sidetracked but we always get to the end of the road with fuel to spare. You have the best adaptation to the rough fuel markets if you can minimize the amount you use. Unfortunately my life style is spread out somewhat so I have to cross 2150 miles of interstate so Iím at the mercy of the sheet guys with their greedy hands on the oil pump valve.

I like the Hovercraft idea Iím looking at one for Baja as a commuter around border traffic and north of Chicago I can get a nice home on an island but to make it a year round house I would have to cross the lake in late fall and early spring with broken ice so hovercraft is the only way to go. I would think the power to weight ratio and reliability would make the 1.0L a natural for hovercraft use. Since the 1.0L isnít popular as a marine engine it may be hard to find flash suppressors if you need them for USCG approval. Iím in the process of looking at hovercraft closer but the small ones have trouble in waves over 3 feet which could limit it for me off shore. If you want to go diesel the in the early 80s Chebby Chevette had a very nice Isuzu diesel dream engine 45 mpg but was heavy as I recall.

By my limited knowledge I think the main problem in ethanol fuel conversion as I recall is the fuel lines and maybe tank. I think the Flexi fuel cars have stainless steel lines. In considering a conversion you may be able to vary your gas /ethanol mixture depending on whatís available.

However it has been my experience that unless you consume allot it can cause more problems to do an all out conversion. For example you could create problems that are hard and expensive to fix harm sensors your computer uses to run the car. Though straight ethanol has the advantage if you go down along the road you could always put a siphon in the tank pull out some glasses and throw an instant party.
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