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Re: Replacing intake gasket...

I don't know if you guys have seen this tool or not, but I was a GM tech and it is the difference between making awesome flat rate on intake gaskets, or not, it makes tourqing those pain in the butt corner bolts a breeze. Far as I know it is only from snap on, mine is chrome and 12 point, but same idea. It is 3/8 drive, but the extension and socket are 1/4 drive physical size. It has a ball swivel, so unrestricted movement to a whole lot of degrees.

I don't know how to post the pic, but cut and paste this link to see snap ons picture of a power one (black finish), but same principal as mine.

There is also a tool to compress the rocker arms, it is a lever that fits the arms. If the valve covers aren't leaking, don't take em off, slip this tool in and take the p rods off without taking the valve cover off.
Turns a 5.5 hour intake gasket job into 3 hours or less if you have air tools too

heres the first tool

heres the second, its the short one, they make one about 10 inches longer, but I see no need for it, they are easy to compress with it, and it has a spot for a ratchet for extra leverage too.
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