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Exclamation Re: Broken Vacuum port on manifold

Hello all. I am finishing up my 1998 lumina 3.1L lower and upper gasket set. I purchased the fel-pro kit at advance auto with all the needed gaskets. Also got new injector orings, fuel line orings, thermostat, upper lower hoses, heater core quick disconnect and so on....

I have enjoyed the project and appreciate the help I got from this site. Our mechanic quoted $1673.00 for the job. He recommended that I junk the car. This is my sons car by the way.The car had other issues like #2 and #4 fuel injector bad. Cam sensor cracked and defective. #3 and #4 spark plug wires open.

So I have invested $330 so far and I am ready to start her up. BUT I found a broken vacuum port on the upper aluminum manifold front drivers side near the pcv.

Now this port is sheared clean off. I was saddened as the excitement of the completion and start up slowly sank like a tropical sunset.

Does anyone have a fix for this port that they can share other than get a new upper manifold from the salvage yard. I'm so close but yet so far away.
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