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Originally Posted by eb110ss4life
just one thing. tells u every detail about jochen dauers modifications etc saves me typing it all out as its 12 20 am and i ant b bothered , otherwise i would.Of the 36 assembled, only 31 were completed.
You are missing just 100 cars - 131
The German manufacturer bought the remaining 5 unfinished Bugatti EB110SS after the company went broke in 1995. They also bought all the equipment required to build the EB110SS and set up shop in Germany to complete the remaining 5 with a 'Made In Germany' tag on them. Jochen Dauer plans to build 6-8 units a year for the same price as what they were when they first were built. The modifications made to the EB110SS, now named the Dauer EB110SS Evolution, includes a 200kgs weight reduction and Carbon-Fiber Body among other things. When Volkswagen took over the distraught company in 1995, they wanted no part with Jochen Dauer and so he bought the assemblage items and headed off to Germany where he now supplies parts, services, and of course new Bugatti or now Dauer EB110's. thats from my homepage at where i have over 100 pics of the eb110ss and gt uploaded with another 200 pics on th ecomputer waitingto be uploaded and done :licker:
131 cars have been produced. Of those only 17 SuperSport

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