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Re: Want to know what bike to start on **read this first**

A bike that is less forgiving of mistakes (ninja ex 250, 500, or an OLDER 600cc bike) is far safer to learn on.
Erm... I think you mean "a bike that is more forgiving of mistakes..."

I learned to ride on a Nighthawk 450, 'coz that was the bike the guy who taught me to ride had. The bike I eventually bought was a non-running TwinStar. I tried to fix it, failed even with a Haynes manual (I still have the manual although I sold the bike almost two years ago), and got it fixed instead. It was an emotional choice instead of a rational one and I paid for it. The experience and the rides almost made it money well spent.

I rode for over two years and enjoyed most of it. I sold the bike because repairs got too expensive, because traffic started to scare me too much, and because I really needed a car. I have a car now. I want another bike, but my wallet reminds me that you can't always get what you want.

I probably did it the wrong way around. I should have learned on a TwinStar and then got a Nighthawk 450. But circumstances are what they are.
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