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Re: Engine runs too cool

Well I finally got around to fixing it. I looked inside the small hose fitting on top of the radiator that feeds coolant to the surge tank on an OEM radiator and there is a small pinhole inside. Then I looked inside the Carquest radiator that I had installed and inside that fitting the hole was as large as the fitting diameter. So I had to find a way to make that hole a pinhole. What I did was take a valve stem cap off of my truck and I drilled a tiny hole in it very carefully with the smallest drill bit I have and then I gently tapped that into the hole with a lite mallet and a piece of wood too not mushroom it. The cap fit in about half way so that's why I tapped it in. The cap fits in the fitting very tight and won't come out. Put everything back together and now it's been two weeks and everything has worked as it should. Before I did this I could see coolant flowing back to the surge tank when I revved the engine but now there isn't coolant flowing back through this hose. Temp gets to between 200 and 210 and the truck runs great. I hope this can help someone out who experiences the same issue. It was pretty tricky to diagnose why this was happening until I found that All Data site. If you ever buy an aftermarket radiator check inside that fitting and make sure it is a pinhole and not wide open.
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