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Re: What's wrong with my '90 Tracker?

I just bought a '90 Tracker...same problem.

Long Story Short - Take the battery post connectors TOTALLY apart and clean them and put back together.

If yours are like mine, the Wire Clamp on each one was so corroded that any electrical connection was nearly impossible.

You need METAL to METAL contact - The More the Better - w/o crusty corrosion between the Metals....

I took mine apart, wire brushed all parts that touch the Cable, did same to cable ends, greased cable end
and cleaned clamp surfaces, re-assembled it and it has worked FINE since then.

Buy one of these for each of your cars and use it. Keep it in the car !

Grease your clamp clamp AND the Battery Posts and re-assemble.
Lousy battery connections screw up everything electrical.
Can leave you or your wife stranded !

Even a Neat Modern Cable Clamp will get corroded between the cable and the Battery Post....
use the above to clean the surfaces and the GREASE them to keep acid out.

This post is done 8/2015....that makes the '90 Tracker 25 years old - Lord God !


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