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Re: 98 century 3.1 missing after spark plug change

There is no code for a coil for a misfire setting a code, or P0300, it has to happen a certain number of times, in a precise time frame....if there aren't enough, the code won't set.....if there are, the CE light still won't come on until the second key cycle in which it fails.....however, if the misfires are so numerous they can cause catalytic converter damage, the CE light will begin to flash, to warn you to decrease the load on the engine......

While the plugs may be ok, if the boots were "baked on" the old plugs, and you had to twist and yank the boots off, you could have damaged the old wires......

Those rear boots can be a bugger to get off sometimes.......and sometimes the damage to the wires may not show up immediately.....could even have a coil problem......but I am leaning towards the wires.....
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