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Re: 98 century 3.1 missing after spark plug change

Did you have a misfire BEFORE changing the plugs?

If you didn't, then obviously there was a problem with the installation....

One thing I tell my work on a Ford, you put in a Ford work on a GM, use GM plug....always use OEM's.....

If there was no misfire before, you could have cracked a plug on installation(especially in the back) or had a bad plug.......

What about wires? Did you reuse the one's on the car? You could have damaged one or more of the wires, yanking on them if they were tight on the old plugs...Also, pull the wires, one at a time from each coil terminal and check for corrosion/carbonning.....

I think the purge valve is behind the ICM/coils....there is a vac line and purge line from the canister attached to it...make sure they are attached....
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