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98 century 3.1 missing after spark plug change

i have a 98 buick century has around 180000 miles and it ran perfect, then two days ago i changed my spark plugs b/c they were 2+years old i got NGK Vpower and gapped them to .06. i had to roll the engine forward when i got to the back 3 plugs. so anyways after all pugs were changed i took it for a drive it was running fine, then i noticed when i got on the highway when i had to accelerate it missed a few times then on down the road it would go fine until i had to give it a little gas. it jerks a little bit and it sounds like shit. But it idles alright and light acceleration thru town is fine. i also had it tested at autozone and i got a bunch of stuff about vacuum something and 02 sensor but nothing about misfire or coil pack malfunctioning. all the vacuum tubes on the engine are all sealed that i can see. and like i said it ran perfect before hand so i know its nothing internal. i just cant figure what happened
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