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'01 1500 A/C questions

I'm working on a '01 Ram 1500 4x4 w/ a 360 and no cold a/c. The compressor cycles about 2 seconds on and about 10 sec off. When its on, it makes a wierd noise in the interior like a phone ringing in a pocket or something. I thought compressor bearings, but its quiet when you're up next to it. I removed the refrigerant and removed the discharge line from the evaporator near the firewall to inspect the F.O.T for metal contamination. Upon removal of the line, I was surprised to see there was no FOT there. Do these trucks use something other than a FOT or TXV? I'm not used to Dodge, so any help is most appreciated. Thanks. Oh, one more thing, It clunks going into reverse, but not bad enough that it would bother me. But this guy is complaining about it, so where should I look first? I've never driven a Dodge that didn't make this noise, and its quiet accelerating, cruising, and decelerating. Thanks again
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