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318i 1984 quite a few problems

1st off, we don't know how many owners it has had. 3 as far as I think.

Speedometer falls or sticks. Sometimes it works if I bang around the panel, but it's been going on for 4 years now and I figure it's time to figure out what's wrong. The MPG rises and falls with it.

High Idle, but not ALL the time. Seldomly, it's under 1,000 but more often than not, it's over. This has been a cause of concern because now we can't get the smog check done because they won't do it if it's if it's not below and in it's normal range.

The most pressing concern (I think, as opposed to my husband) is that we can't check the computer codes. We've tried the recommended way of putting key in ignition, turning the car on, but not over. Pressing gas pedal 5 times fast in a period of 20seconds. But nothing flashes. We are not sure if any of the wires have been replaced at all. We doubt it. I'm willing to go that far, as long as we can do it ourselves with minimal risk of damage to the system. In fact, I perfer doing all the work ourselves.

AC stopped working 3 years ago. It worked fine when we bought it 4 years ago, but as soon as we moved to where it was hotter, and started to actually use it, it started having problems. Finally we tricked it into working by opening the air directional to floor only, or in accordance to panels. But not long later, it quit all together. We've replaced the switch, but it wasn't the problem. DH is afraid to touch the fuses without testing them first. I kinda just wanna toss all the fuses and replaces them all in one sitting just so it won't be a problem for anything later, but it could be a waste of money. It could be that the AC fluid stuff needs to be replaced. I can't think of the name right now, but the only way to fix that is to convert the whole system to freon. We aren't sure how much that'll run us, but it's probably less than replaceing it with the old stuff.

All in all, the best way for us to do any of the needed repairs is by going easiest/cheapest first. We don't have a lot of testing tools, so if there is any old-fashioned way of testing anythying, the directions to do so would be really helpful.
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