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'02 Ram Tranny slips when cold

In the Winter, when it is nice and cold out, I occasionally have problems when I put my truck in Reverse... the problem is, the orange dot is on the "R" I touch the gas, and I just sit there... (Thought the pro's might like that "orange dot" terminology..haha... I apologize I sound like my mom when I explain that..haha)... I've been told it's a common problem with the front pump... Can anyone confirm this??

When I put it back in Park and try it again it seems to go... As mentioned it is ONLY when it is very cold outside and just "ocassionaly" happens.. Next question is: If indeed it is a pump in the front, does that mean the Tranny needs to be dropped to replace it, or is that something where I can drop the pan and get to it?? I've not had a tranny apart, but figure I can drop the pan and replace a part if possible.

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